Environmental Scent Diffusion for Hotels with Professional Diffusers

QueLLiDelNaso spreading fragrances inside the hall of the Airport Hotel in Bergamo


Airport Hotel - 4 Stars Hotel in Bergamo.


Improving the environment of your hotel, especially if luxury, no longer means simply focusing on service, furnishings, the latest supply or good food. The comfort that a customer expects to find in a hotel or in a resort is more and more tied to those small details that create emotions and make the difference, making one structure unique compared to the others.

Turning your hotel into a "place of pleasure for the senses", creating the right atmosphere not only visually, but also olfactory, spreading certain fragrances into the environments where customers will live their vacation or their moments of rest and relaxation after a day of hard work away from home can generate pleasant feelings that will indelibly bind to the idea that customers will have of your hotel when they will talk with others and leave an indelible memory of perfumed environments, thus facilitating the word-of-mouth process of an experience that involved the most emotional of the 5 senses, increasing the likelihood of positive review and return for a new stay.

The care of the emotional aspect given by the diffusion of fragrances into the environment can also contribute to the renewal of the image of your brand, becoming synonymous with attention to novelty and giving an immediate sense of style and modernity. That's why the managers of the Airport Hotel in Bergamo decided to integrate a professional system for the diffusion of fragrances, installed in a stand-alone mode in a strategic point of the hall, to welcome customers into a modern and just renovated environment in the most emotional way.


The client's request was to olfactively identify some specific areas, such as the hall and the entrance, an excellent way to "break the ice" with the customers entering the hotel.


After analyzing the documentation sent to us, our experts identified the need to install a perfume diffuser, located in a strategic point of the hotel lobby.

The fragrance diffuser had been programmed to turn on and off completely automatically at certain times, depending on the day.

To diffuse perfume into the hotel, we used fragrances belonging to the QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances collection, giving a particular olfactory connotation in some periods of the year, thanks to the use of the "Arancio & Cannella" fragrance. All the essences belonging to our collection are certified, "safe" and according to the law, as all the fragrances belonging to the QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances collection are registered at the Italian Superior Institute of Health and approved by IFRA.


Professional ventilating scent diffuser Q2500v.


A perfectly perfumed environment in every corner.