Perfuming Stores with Calvin Klein Fragrances


Calvin Klein - Calvin Klein Selling point Corso Buenos Aires, Milan.


Recall the fragrance of the CK One perfume into the store, spreading the essence in retail sectors and in the entrance area.


Environmental perfuming with the placement of olfactory diffusers that convey the scent requested by the customer. The spread of the fragrance is plugged in the light plant of the store.


Taylor made Olfactory Totems - Request for Information.


A welcoming store that becomes vehicle for the promotion of Calvin Klein products not only of the wearing line with the classic visual communication, but also through the sense of smell, reinforcing the brand identity and contributing to the development at 360 degrees of the CK brand communication. Customers, intrigued by the scent, ask the staff to find it and buy it. In this way a cross-selling process was triggered between wearing and perfume sector.