Scent Diffusion for Casinos and Slot Rooms

How to Perfume Slot Clubs in Turin, Genoa and Bologna with


Casinò delle Alpi.


Improve host processes and increase the relaxed stay of customers within the Slot Salons in Turin, Genoa and Bologna, creating an olfactory and sensory reconditionability.


Olfactory characterization and fragrance diffusion into the rooms of Genoa, Bologna and Turin, using fragrances belonging to the collection QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances. Environmental scent of slot rooms with Q Series Series by QueLLiDelNaso scent diffusers, including the new Q350, positioned in strategic locations and used in the first plant, using air conditioning to spread the fragrance throughout the room, both independently.


Ad-hoc solution using Q350, Q3000 and Q5000, professional perfumes belonging to the Q by QueLLiDelNaso series used both in stand-alone mode and in first plant installation depending on the size of the environments.


A stunning result of customer relaxation in front of slot machines, which has led to an increase in staying and improving the mood of people inside the casino. Diffusion in the environment of an allergen-free scent, highly certified and registered at the Higher Institute of Health.