Environmental Perfuming for Bars and Nightclubs

Environmental Fragrances System for Locals, Bars and Clubs with QueLLiDelNaso.it


Oceano Bar - operation carried out in collaboration with Ferretti & Co. SA.


Air perfuming and environmental perfuming to create a pleasant olfactory sensation in the local bar and cover odors coming from the outside.


Perfume a room of 150 square meters of the bar area of the nightclub, using professional environmental scent diffusers of the new Q by QueLLiDelNaso series.


Taylor made solution in collaboration with Ferretti & Co. SA, with the use of professional scent diffusers for medium-sized rooms of Q by QueLLiDelNaso series.


Coverage of bad smells and odors coming from public sewers outside the bar. Satisfaction of the owner of the club, staff and customers. Diffusion into the environment of an allergen-free, highly certified fragrance, registered at the ISS, Italian Highest Institute of Health.