Professional Scent Diffusers for Hotels and Suites

QueLLiDelNaso QueLLiDelNaso create the environmental scent of halls and corridors at Duparc Contemporary Suites


Duparc Contemporary Suites - suite and modern appartaments in Turin.


The care of the environment and the welcome of guests in a hotel, especially if luxury, are fundamental characteristics that can make a difference and contribute to the success of a structure over another.

Without missing the "basic" aspects that make a "good" hotel environment, we can say that introducing the diffusion of certain fragrances into the habitat where customers will live can contribute to generate pleasant feelings related to the idea that customers have about the hotel itself and leave an indelible memory of the scented environments, facilitating the word-of-mouth process of an experience which had involved the most emotional sense and increasing the probability of a positive review and return for a new stay.

This is why the director of the Duparc Contemporary Suites, originally known as Residence Du Parc (a space dedicated to rest, relaxation and art created by the dream of architects Laura Petrazzini and Corrado Levi, located in Corso Massimo d'Azeglio in Turin) who has chosen to give new olfactory experiences to her guests, installing the professional perfumers branded QueLLiDelNaso into some environments of the beautiful palace, symbol of the Italian rationalism of the 70s, which hosts the hotel.


The customer's request, very close to the innovations and small details that make it a brand "unique", was to excite customers, further improve the quality of the environment, and smell some areas of the hotel, reinforcing the private and elegant atmosphere of the magnificent spaces that make it, giving a fresh and sparkling touch.


Environmental scent of the lobby and corridors of the hotel, through the installation in the environment of scent diffusers introduced into the first plant of the air conditioning system. Installation of Q300 scent diffusers, suitable for perfuming in areas up to 300m³ of volume.

Chosen Fragrance: Raggio di Luce (Ray of Light), belonging to the collection QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances. It was chosen directly by the customer, who was looking for a fresh, fruity, floral and woody note to excite customers. This fragrance, like all the essences belonging to our collection, is certified, "safe" and in accordance with the law, as all fragrances belonging to the QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances collection are registered at the Superior Health Institute and approved by IFRA.


Professional environmentale perfumer Q300.


A 100% impeccable environment, where every detail "smells of elegance". An olfactory ray of light that fills with positive emotions who's visiting the bright environments of the hotel. Strengthening of the sense of cleansing and care of the environments, positive memory of the olfactory experience felt by the customers and total satisfaction from the staff and management.


“We are very pleased with the product. From the time that we installed the scent diffusers, we immediately realized the difference. The scent, which has been carefully chosen, improves the perception that our guests have of the hall, giving a greater sense of cleanliness and freshness.” - Ana Paula Bracarense - general manager Duparc Suites Turin