GoldenFit Gyms

Scent Diffusion into Gyms, Boxes and Fitness Centers


GoldenFit Gyms.


Create the right atmosphere inside the brand new fitness center GoldenFit Cornaredo (Milan), spreading a fresh and stimulating fragrance, appropriate to be spread while people are training.


Environmental perfuming realized in first plant into the air conditioning system of the gym, with installation of a diffuser of fragrances for environments Q800, attached to the wall and plugged directly into the air tubes. The fragrance used, comes from the new collection QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances, spread to encourage physical activity and cover each kind of odor caused by fatigue of the people who train. In addition, the client had requested that the fragrance was certified and that the spreading of perfume into the big environment of the gym could be made in a "safe" way. This request has been totally satisfied by QueLLiDelNaso, who use to install professional scent diffusers which use fragrances approved by the ISS (Italian Superior Institute for Health)./p>


Professional portable diffuser Q800 (out of production).


A perfectly scented gym in every area with very low consumption of fragrance, thanks to the installation of the environmental scent diffuser directly in the ventilation plant.