Cut Grass Aroma at the Juventus Museum

Environmental Perfuming for Museums and Exhibitions


CWS for Juventus Museum - Turin (inauguration ceremony of May 16, 2012).


Perfuming of the multisensory area "Full Immersion Room" during the opening ceremony of May 16, 2012. The need of the company was to create an emotional and exciting space, to live to viewers the experience of being in the middle of playground, within a overcrowded Juventus Stadium. This sensation is re-created through the preparation of an circular room, whose walls are projected at 360 ° images that retrace the entry of the team and the spectator himself down on the pitch, with shooting in subjective, which are alternating frames of moments most significant in the history of Juventus. You hear voices and choruses of the fans, you see the crowd cheering its champions and you walk on the grass of playground. And it is the smell of the grass of the stadium that complete this fantastic multi-sensory experience.

Thanks to the technical support of QuelliDelNaso and LL. Little and Large Solutions, the emotional involvement of the senses has managed to stimulate the olfactory sphere, contributing to the full achievement of the aims of the company! Often the olfactory emotions are crucial and the feeling that you breathe is the one that counts. This is why the smell of cut grass has helped to make more realistic the full immersion in the virtual stadium, making it more real than ever at the fantastic opening night.

To live the experience of "Full Immersion Room " in multimedia way, watch the video on our YouTube Channel.


Dispensing of the fragrance "fresh cut grass", using as a vehicle the ducts of the air freshening system of the museum.


Taylor made project - Request for Information.


A 360 ° multi-sensory experience in collaboration with CWS into the "Full Immersion Room" of the Juventus Museum.