Environmental Perfuming at Rimini Wellness - Fitness Exhibition

Professional scent diffusers for cross-training boxes and fitness centers


Lacertosus - Functional Training Gear.


Strengthen the brand identity of the customer, spreading fragrances that are stimulating and suitable for the training in the gym at the Rimini Wellness 2014 Fair.


Environmental perfurming with installation 4 diffusers for environments equipped with 2 types of fragrances, which have been personally selected by our experts in the presence of the owner of the company to perfume pavilion Lacertosus at Rimini Wellness. The fragrances had to encourage physical activity and cover any bad odors from perspiration, just as can be the case that you decide to perfume a gym.


professional fragrances diffuser DoubleScent.


A scented stand, highly characterized by the presence of an intense olfactory identity, which well reflected the brand and identity of Lacertosus. An experience of olfactory logo realized in a simple way, accessible and with professional diffuser and 100% certified.