Perfuming Big Shopping Centers and Mega-stores - Lea & Flò


Lea & Flò.


Create a pleasant and glamour environmental perfuming into the new extra-large sized Lea & Flò Palace of Pescara.

Lea & Flò Palace is an innovative structure, a new space dedicated to fashion. Five thousand square meters, 3 levels between Store, tailoring and foreign department, are the conjunction of style, fashion and innovation. The same innovation that has led the company owners to look to the olfactory marketing as a new tool to entertain their prestigious clients and contact QueLLiDelNaso to spread scents into these high square footage local with 3 different kinds of fragrances, conveyed through the planting of HVAC systems on 3 levels.


Environmental perfuming and diffusion of 3 kinds of fragrances with different aromas for the different floors of the shop. Diffusion of fragrances through the ventilation system of the mega-shop.


Taylor made project - Request for Information.


A welcoming and elegant point of sale not only from a visual point of view, but also from the olfactory one. A luxurious place "to breathe" as to see as well. Very good feedback from staff and customers.