Oroblù Boutique Milan

Perfumers for Environment, Aromas Diffusers and Diffusers of Essences for Boutiques and Clothing Stores


Oroblù - Hosiery, Lingerie & Female dressing.


Facilitate sales processes, increasing the permanence of potential customers inside of the new boutique Oroblù of Corso XXII Marzo, 5 in Milan.


Environmental perfuming realized in first plant into the air conditioning system of the Oroblù clothing boutique, installing a QdN318 environment diffuser, suitable to release perfume into environments which can reach 300m³. The fragrance choice by our experts in collaboration with the customer is called Raggio di Luce and belongs to the collection QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances. It was chosen by the customer, who was looking for a fresh note, fruity, floral and woody. This fragrance, like all the ones which belong to our collection is certified, "safe" and respects European law, because all the scents belonging to QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances Collection, are registered at the National Institute of Health website and approved by IFRA.


Professional fragrance diffuser Q300.


The environmental perfuming of the whole boutique encourages people who come into the store to remain there longer, "snooping" and "breathing" a fresh and pleasant atmosphere, with consequent increased sales opportunities, as demonstrated by the research of Dr. Eleonora Buiatti, visible here.