Trony and The Challenge of the Olfactory Wellness




Create an olfactory journey inside some stores, characterizing the different environments of the stores.

Let the potential customers live a new experience of shopping, creating a more welcoming environment in order to increase the time of staying of the customers into Trony owned stores.

Store size: 1200 square meters.


Analysis of air flows and positioning of the diffuser for large environments MP400. Fragrances used to olfactively characterize the sectors of the point of sale:

  • Entrance / reception: fragrance of talcum powder to create a state of relaxation

  • Electronics and laptop compartment area: floral and spicy scents

  • Large screen area: fresh floral

  • Refrigerators area: citrus scents

  • Kitchens and related products: smell of coffee

  • Washing-machines area: "fresh laundry" perfume

  • Payment zone / exit: chocolate fragrance


Scent diffuser for large environment. Taylor made project - Request for Information.


Olfactory characterization of "individual worlds" into the entire store.