Professional Scent Diffuser for Large Environments Q8000

Professional Perfumer for 8000m3 Areas

Scented and welcoming environments, satisfied customers,
in full safety

profumazione ambientale by QueLLiDelNaso - Q8000 - profumazione centri commerciali

Q8000 is a large environments professional scent diffuser of the Q by QueLLiDelnaso series and is capable to perfume up to 8000m3 of air. A low consumption professional diffuser able to diffuse its fragrance into areas which can arrive at 8000 m3. Connected directly to the ventilation system, it is able to spread the fragrance in a stable and homogeneous thanks to its diffusion technology also into huge environments, such as hotels, cinemas or shopping malls.

Like all perfumers of the new Q series by QueLLiDelNaso, even Q8000 is made of high quality materials, such as aluminum shell, internal components, electronic parts and all other details manicured.

Suitable for environmental perfuming of high surface areas, such as Hotels, Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Furniture factories, etc..., Q8000 diffuses in the air the fragrances of the new collection QueLLiDelNaso fragrances, which are born from a meticulous research, development and production, Made in Italy, done by experts.

Only thanks to a careful and accurate selection of the best raw materials from our perfumers, we managed to get a number of scented oils specifically designed to work optimally with a Powerfull and performing diffuser of perfumes like this.

All using high reworked range fragrances to be diffused specifically with this type of diffuser and ensure better propagation of the fragrance. In a specialized field such as environmental perfuming, spread into environment certified and luxury fragrances, suitable for everyday use in professional environments, it is not as simple as it might seem.

The choice of fragrance is crucial if you want to perfume perfectly an environment, but have a specific type of fragrances, in addition to the best performing scent diffusers in circulation, it is not for everyone. Before choosing a provider that will cure our environmental perfuming, some very important guidelines should be taken into due consideration, because the fragrances propagated in the environment, necessarily need to have the requirements, in compliance with European standards.

Unfortunately not everyone knows it, but to spread the scents, you must protect the people who "live" the same space, without tending to create damage to health.

Each fragrance spread in the environment, to be in accordance must implement the European legislation on IFRA allergens, be equipped with a safety data sheet (SDS) and credited to the Superior Institute of Health site with regular registration of Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

This detail is not to be underestimated if you intend to spread fragrances in large spaces and high affluence. So we've designed Q8000 and its fragrances by taking into account all current regulations, creating a product "top", which combines high level performance with low energy consumption, in complete safety.

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From our Professional Staff

A Diffuser of Fragrances for Very Large Environments

profumazione ambientale by QueLLiDelNaso - Q8000 - diffusore di fragranze impianto di areazione

Q8000 is strong, good looking and sophisticated. The choice to use quality materials and an electronic system that would allow to being optimally adjusted the work cycle and pause, the intensity level of the emitted fragrance and times of activation of the diffuser so hourly and daily, have enabled us to create a high-level perfumer suited to environments of big size and technologically advanced.

The obsessive attention to detail, the strong body and the possibility of working both independently "stand-alone" or connected in the first plant in the buildings air conditioning system in which it is decided to introduce the air freshener, make Q8000 an elegant, nice and high performance that allows you to excite your customers and make you remember, giving a sense of pleasure to the guests of scented environments.

But it should be emphasized another key issue: only one speaker as Q8000 can be easily used by professionals of the air-conditioned building, in conjunction with the air-treatment or aeraulic cleaning.

With Q8000 we carried to the top of its range the perfect combination of kind of fragrance and instrument of diffusion used to spread in the environment, strength of the new professional perfumers of series Q by QueLLiDelNaso, uniting it to our ability to use the scent so inspiring to those who breathe. The fragrances of the new collection "QueLLiDelNaso fragrances" are in fact designed specifically to maximize the yield and performance of our fresheners, we also gave special attention to consumption and to the operating costs of a tool for high level perfuming as Q8000.

Available in white color, Q8000 encloses the technology of diffusion of exclusive QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances: the entire collection of fragrances of Q8000, as well as all other series of scent diffusers of Q by QueLLiDelNaso is designed, synthesized and produced with extreme care in Italy by expert perfumers.

An Effective and Performing Perfume Diffuser

Model: Q8000

Weight: 9Kg

Noise: <60dba

Power: 27W

Capacity: 1000ml

Voltage: 24V

Size: W332 x H123.5 x D319mm

Color: White

Application Area: 8000m³

Charging Capacity: 1000ml

Charging Time: 31gg/days*

*Estimated duration of use of the diffuser with work / break 60” / 120”,
10 hours / day, 7 days out of 7.

profumazione ambientale by QueLLiDelNaso - Q8000 - vista complessiva del diffusore di profumi professionale

Solid, powerful and programmable

Q8000 is a well defined fragrance diffuser for environments, thanks to the series of technical measures and construction details that characterize the entire series Q by QueLLiDelNaso, such as the durable casing with lock, the digital display for programming, the fragrance delivery system technologically advanced and the aluminum charging container (in this case 1000 ml, to reduce maintenance and consumptions at minimum), material chosen specifically to avoid contamination of the perfumes used, which could happen if it were of other materials.

profumazione ambientale by QueLLiDelNaso - Q8000 - ricarica del profumo

The manufacture of the diffuser of fragrances for environments Q8000 is well cared and the materials used to assemble are of excellent quality. Opening the lock of the side door gives easy access to the inside of the perfumer, in which reside the fragrance delivery system and the aluminum container for storing the scented oil of QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances collection.

The sturdy outer shell, small parts assembly, the nozzles and the fragrance distribution internal systems make the scents diffuser Q8000 a highly professional product.

Perfume your large environment with a powerful and performant scents diffuser now

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Multifunction Electronic Display

The led display of Q8000 allows you to adjust both the work and pause time that the level of intensity of the fragrance you want to spread in the environment. The technology of the diffusion of the fragrance is totally customizable in relation to the desired programming time, that can be managed simply and quickly, at will.

The daily programming provides for up to 3 possible combinations, allowing you to manage the work time and break of the diffuser of fragrances Q8000 over 24 hours. This way you can for example activate the perfumer for environments with greater intensity in the morning, with medium intensity in the afternoon and more delicately in the evening, or spread the fragrance more vigorously in the times of the day in which serves encourage customers and then to breathe a delicate background at times when you want to relax them or "cuddle them".

For an Optimal Adjustment of Scent Diffuser Q8000

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profumazione ambientale by QueLLiDelNaso - Q8000 - diffusore di fragranze con display digitale

Adjustable Intensity Level

profumazione ambientale by QueLLiDelNaso - Q8000 - sistema di diffusione profumi

The diffusion parameters of the fragrances are adjusted intuitively through two simple buttons ( / ), as well as the level of intensity of the perfume that is released from the environment perfuming Q8000.

Finding the correct setting and so exactly select the level of fragrance that will be given off is crucial if you want to have an optimal consumption and air freshener made to perfection.

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The Scent diffuser for Big environments Q8000 is one of the top products of the new range of professional tools for environmental perfuming Q by QueLLiDelNaso, the best tool for people who want perfuming impeccably environments such as Hotels, Showrooms, Shopping Centers, Furniture factories, and environments that reach 5000 m³.

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