In 2004 the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to two US researchers who had identified proteins that transform biochemical reactions into something the brain can understand: the memory and recognition of thousands of different smells.

Professor Richard Axel of Columbia University in New York City and Professor Linda Buck, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have identified and described the large family of genes (over 1000, approximately 2.5% of the genome) instructed to the production of proteins that function as receptors of smell. These receptors, located at the level of the olfactory mucosa, which lines a small portion of the highest surface of the nose, are the ones that identify odorous molecules which we inhale.


The word "aroma" means pleasant fragrance, and Aromachology indicates the stimulus for the mental and emotional well-being. The fragrances in question are essential oils extracted from plants, flowers and fruits. Even the ancient Egyptians (4000 years ago) used aromatic oils in religious and therapeutic purposes.

How does the Aromachology work?

Essential oils penetrate the body by inhalation, then they are sent limbic system of the brain, and drill a direct effect on the emotions.

Properties of different essential oils



It is antidepressant and calming and can also regulate the nervous system; It's powerful against colds and respiratory infections.



It is great to perfume rooms, improves mood and it's refreshing. It's an excellent antidepressant too.

Limone & Petit Grain

Lemon and Petit Grain

This mixture is great to refresh, good for the concentration of those studying

Menta & Basilico

Mint and Basil

Stimulating and refreshing mixture; It helps to improve the clarity of thought and awakens when the concentration is blurred.

Ylang - ylang

Ylang - Ylang

It is an excellent antidepressant, it is considered a euphoric plant, with stimulant and aphrodisiac properties.

Camomilla Romana

Roman Chamomile

It has a calming effect and induces to sleep; recommended before going to bed, possibly also during sleep.

Cannella & Chiodi di Garofano

Cinnamon and Cloves

This mixture is a relaxing and a good remedy to contrast fatigue; the use of it is recommended during reading and television



According to the research it results to have countless properties, accentuating positive feelings such as happiness, concentration, sensuality, relaxation. An almost complete fragrance which can also contrast the negative feelings.



It is a powerful antiseptic, decongestant, which calms the cough. Its steam keeps insects away.



We recommend the use for your hot dates: literature gives it a high power of seduction.



This scent has special antidepressant properties and it's great to fight stress.

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