Olfactory Logo

The Perfume has an important role in valorizing the brand, first of all because it is an innovative way to represent it and therefore allows you to give more value to the brand, adding it a plus which anybody has.

The goal of an olfactory logo concept is to have a common smell to characterize different products which can automatically become the olfactory logo of the brand in the collective unconscious.

The functioning of the olfactory memory is such massive that the first olfactory memories which can go back to childhood are the most powerful to cause emotions. The olfactory memories never fade away and their strength depends on the importance that had the situation when and where the smell was sensed.

The olfactory logo may be used on physical media (paper, card, textiles, etc.), but it can be especially diffused into rooms and places.

In this case, this kind of logo has the advantage over traditional advertising to entirely occupy the space and completely permeate into the senses of people who smell its perfume. Spreading the smell during events related to the company or during sponsored events, cultural and sports, with a strong emotional charge, it is possible to affect a particular audience to an emotional response that will automatically start again each time people will feel the smell near to your product itself or in your stores and points of sale.

The olfactory logo is created after studying the target that you are trying to achieve. For example in the case of products for childhood, women and mothers will be the people who must like the smell of the product. More restricted and homogeneous would be the audience, the easier will be to realize the olfactory logo.

The processing of olfactory logos is a complex process because it mixes analytical and creative elements: is a combination of the knowledge of olfactory psychology andaromatherapy, with perception and inspiration.

There are 2 different ways to unleash your olfactory or smell brand logo. They are the scent marketing and environmental perfuming, also known as olfactory decoration.