Olfactory Culture and Memory

The Nose at the center of Memories and Emotions

Scent marketing and environmental perfuming are two of the most powerful and immediate tools that you can use to "wake up" the deepest emotions of consumers. They allow you to directly stimulate the limbic system of people who perceive smells, fragrances and perfumes, activating not only their choices in relation to a product or service which is offered, but also more intimate threshold, which affects the most hidden memories: the "so-called" olfactory memory.

Smells and perfumes imprint in our psyche a memory that remains indelibly with us; they give us the ability to recognize things without seeing and touching them, but feeling their essence, the smell that emanates from them and that we do not forget the most. More than into a photo album, more than in the drawer of memories, our history is a memory of smells.

The smells are stored in our brain according to our memories and experiences. They remind us of a precise moment, an emotion, a person, a time, a special atmosphere. They can be good or bad depending on the personal taste of each one of us. Perfumes are part of our lives : remind us, even after many years, a precise moment, a person, a period of our lives, a special atmosphere.

The functioning of the olfactory memory is such powerful that the first olfactory memories back to childhood are the best in their ability to provoke pleasant emotions and even easier to reactivate. In fact, the olfactory memories never fade away and their strength depends on the importance that had the situation where the smell was perceived in the learning process of the people. The oldest are the olfactory memories, più the deeper the emotions that will be awaken.

The scents are "impressions" that evoke emotions, accompany our spirit to wide horizons, are the first garment which is worn on the skin, they talk about us, allow us to interact with others, open the doors of knowledge, leaving an imprint which "smell about us" in time. The scent has a more convincing persuasive power of words, appearances, emotions and wills.

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