Scent marketing campaign into the Madrid metro

In order to live the visual experience of the olfactory marketing campaign recently realized in the Madrid metro by our Spanish partner, watch the video below or on YouTube.


Campaign realized by Destinia for la Rioja, through the Spanish partner of QueLLiDelNaso in Madrid (underground stations).


Give to curious passersby the chance to breathe the "Flavors of the Rioja", without moving a step from the Iberian Capital, to encourage tourism to this beautiful region of northern Spain.

Our Spanish partner provided to this request, creating an important and amazing test which has involved thousands of travelers in the Madrid metro.


Dispensing of three different fragrances with fruity and spicy notes, which bring back the mind of who is breathing to the places of Rioja.




Just pressing a button and breathing,people have been catapulted into a heady atmosphere, getting carried away by the sense of smell, the only sense that has direct and "unfiltered" contact with the brain and also with emotions.