MD SpA - Scent Marketing and Fragrance Diffusion into Discounts and Supermarkets

Spreading bread scent using a "toasted bread" fragrance


MD SpA - Trezzo sull'Adda Discount Supermarket.


Spread the fragrance of toasted bread around the discount bakery department, in order to attract more customers to the retail space. Usage of a fragrance which could let the customers immediately think to the products on displays (scent memory) in order to enhance the possibility of sale.


Using DoubleScent fragrance diffusers placed near of the bakery department shelves of the supermarket.

Solicitation of smell of potential consumers thanks to the fragrant smell of "toast".


DoubleScent - Continuous emission of fragrance; Programmed daily activation.


Typical example of scent marketing. Involvement of several senses in the sales process: the sense of smell perceives the scent and, to the product view, stimulates the limbic system by creating the "desire of fragrant bread" in the subject that is close to the sales area. Great feedback from staff and the customers of the discount.