Scent Marketing and Environmental Perfuming at TEDxBergamo 2017

How to scent your events with


TEDxBergamo 2017 - operation made in collaboration with HUBIT - Hub of Innovation and Technology.


Diffusing scents at the TEDxBergamo 2017 event, making the participants feel comfortable during the speakers' interviews, stimulating the olfactory memory to remember this experience indelibly and to have fun with a sensory game during breaks.


Using environmental scent diffuser Q2000 to perfume the spaces where the event took part with some references of the exclusive collection QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances. Interactive scent marketing action, realized on social networks inviting the audience to smell the air and guess the different fragrances that were diffused throughout the room during breaks + spreading Italian espresso coffee aroma during the mid-morning break.




Brezza d'Estate, Espresso, Orchidea & Legni Speziati, Soffio di Gioia.


Diffusion into the environment of an allergen-free, highly certified  scent, which is also registered at the Higher Institute of Health, to arouse relaxation, fun and ludicity during the event, as well as olfactory memory, pleasing memories and stimulation of participants' limbic system. The right ingredients for the success of an event that will also be remembered under the sensorial aspect.