Ceramic ultrasonic diffusers and aromatherapy humidifiers for environments

Essence diffusers and ultrasonic humidifiers for the environmental scent of your home or small store

The comfort of the environment where you live passes also through your nose

Diffusing a good aroma into the environment, as well as giving to it a proper level of air humidification, can contribute to a radical improvement in the way in which you stay in the rooms where you live, work, or stay.

Sometimes the environment has not an adequate humidity level!

The average level is between 45 and 65%, but in the summer season, when the air conditioning system is always on and also in winter, when your heating system makes the air dryer and the windows are almost always closed, you need the right tools to keep a high level of comfort and avoid common as "annoyance" diseases, such as dry skin, nasal irritation, colds, sore throat, etc.

Protecting your health, and especially that of your children, more sensitive to environmental dryness, especially if they're babies, can be simpler than you think and today more "stylish" than ever!

QueLLiDelNaso, leader in environmental scent with professional tools, have shared once again with you their multi-decennial know-how about air and environmental quality, creating a new line of ultrasonic electronic humidifiers made of top quality materials, featuring a chromotherapy lighting system, that can be used directly in your home, office or small shop to improve the quality of the air that you and your loved ones breathe, humidifying and ... smelling it good!

Discover our New Line of Humidifiers for Scented Environments

QueLLiDelNaso Present Olpe & Lydion

QueLLiDelNaso, experts in scent marketing and professional environmental perfuming, shared their twenty-year experience at the service of your home or small shop.

If you are looking for a humidifier or air purifier, if you want to buy an ultrasonic scent diffuser, an environmental vaporizer or an aromatherapy lamp, we have a selection of products that can please you.

All the electric scent diffusers that you're finding on this page combine technology, design, quality and the best fragrance collection for environments available on the Italian market, to give a good scent to the rooms of your house, office or small shop and to stabilize the humidity rate that makes the air less dry and more breathable.

The humidifier models proposed by the various manufacturers are various, ranging from very essential and economical products to boiling or ultrasonic humidifiers. In order to preserve the air quality that you breath, ensuring the presence of humidity, QueLLiDelNaso wanted to use their decades-long experience to conceive a new line of products that put the perfume at the center of the scene and well matched with the type of essential oils already developed for the fragrance collection QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances, born into a technical and specialist field, from the research and development processes that have taken place with professional Q series environmental perfumers. Choosing the right fragrance plays a fundamental role in the perfuming processes of your environment. If you want to diffuse scent into your surfaces in a safe way for people's health, it is essential that you use certified fragrances that can satisfy certain legal requirements. Our fragrance collection has been designed to meet different areas of usage and according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. In addition, in order to be able to spread safely, all the fragrances which belong to the fragrance collection called QueLLiDelNaso Fragrances are registered at the Italian Higher Institute of Health and are equipped with a safety data sheet and certificate of analysis.

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