"Lydion" - Electric Perfumer for Environments, Ultrasonic Humidifier and Aromatherapy Lamp

Lacquered Ceramic Vaporizer and Essential Oil Diffuser for Environments

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Lydion - Ceramic humidifier, environmental perfumer and lamp of good design. Ultrasonic technology: it instantly vaporizes the water molecules by atomizing them into the environment and stabilizing humidity. Cold mist dispensing. 120ML water tank with charging sensor (when there is no more water the perfumer turns off automatically). Ultrasonic diffuser usable as an aromatherapy lamp because it features a LED light system that ranges from warm white to various RGB colorations.

Its elegant design makes it a decorative object with a pleasing shape, suitable for private homes and environments (lounges, bedrooms, livingrooms, offices) and / or commercial activities of small sizes (yoga rooms, SPA and hotel halls , boutiques, waiting rooms, etc ...).

Just two drops a day of one of the essential oils of the specific 20ml ultrasonic humidifiers fragrance collection are enough to provide up to 400 days of perfume, with 8 hours of continuous diffusion in rooms with a maximum size of 30m2.

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