Ferretti & Co. SA - Scent Marketing by QueLLiDelNaso in Switzerland

Ferretti & Co. SA is the Official Partner and Distributor of the Environmental Scent Diffusers by QueLLiDelNaso.it in Switzerland

QueLLiDelNaso, experts in environmental perfuming made with professional and certified systems for the diffusion of essences in the environments, are pleased to announce their collaboration with the leading company in the market of the maintenance, cleaning and inspection of the HVAC pipelines in Switzerland, Ferretti & Co. SA, which has over 40 years of experience in the Swiss market and has just begun to offer to its customers the cleaning and sanitization of aeroulic plants (private kitchens, industrial and hotel kitchens, school kitchens, blinds, air conditioning systems, etc.).

This new service is very important because reduces the amount of thin dust that all the air-conditioned structures, especially those located in urban centers, accumulate over the years.

Thanks to the technologies and all the quality and safety guarantees offered by QueLLiDelNaso.it, the technicians of Ferretti & Co. SA are now able to combine their services with the best diffusion of essences into the environments.

If you live in Switzerland and want to perfume your store, your boutique, your office, your hotel, your house, your loft or any other kind of environment, please contact Ferretti & Co. SA.

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